Hakuba Tourism was founded in June 2005 by accommodations providers in the Wadano area. In the years following the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998, the number of Japanese skiers and snowboarders visiting Hakuba had been falling year by year, and the initial goal of Hakuba Tourism was to prevent this from affecting ski and accommodation services. At that time, Hakuba was also starting to gain international attention as a ski destination. Helped by a weak yen, an increasing number of foreign skiers began visiting Hakuba each winter. Hotels in Wadano therefore decided to join together to actively promote the beauty of the Hakuba area.

Since its formation, Hakuba Tourism has participated in trade shows in Australia, the UK and Hong Kong to introduce Hakuba, and has made active use of local media and advertising in those countries to promote the Hakuba area.

With the help of Hakuba-based travel agents, resort staff and the Nagano Prefectural Government, we have made great progress in getting the name of Hakuba out to skiers in a great many countries. 

Along with overseas promotion, Hakuba Tourism is committed to the stable development of Hakuba as a resort community. By introducing the “Genki-Go” night shuttle bus and “Hakuba Essential Guide” booklet, as well as employing staff who can speak English, we are continuing our efforts to develop Hakuba into a destination that international visitors can enjoy to the fullest. 

With improved English capabilities, better Internet access and more shuttle services, the hotels that participate in Hakuba Tourism now offer overseas guests a comfortable and stress-free stay. Our hotels enjoy a high reputation among travel agents throughout the world. 

With hotels in the Happo area also joining the team, a total of eleven accommodation providers are currently working together as Hakuba Tourism to make Hakuba a truly global resort. We will continue with our efforts to introduce the attractiveness of Hakuba to guests from around the world.